Hi! I am an aspiring front-end developer, based in Gdańsk (Poland). I have recently graduated from a Junior Front-End Developer Course in infoShare Academy. I work with HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript, JQuery and ReactJS. I'm currently trying to learn some other technologies used in web-dev-related work, like Angular, MongoDB and NodeJS.

I am also a professional linguist and I'm strongly interested in Natural Language Processing and language technologies. My individual web-dev projects are often centered upon linguistic issues, but I'm ready to start a web-dev job in any other field.

And yes! I'm currently available for hire!

Please note that my GitHub account is updated every day and my knowledge is growing at a rapid pace. If I currently don't appear to have enough experience for your liking, please check on me in a month, two, or three... :)


My commercial projects:
My applications and games:
Website templates (HTML, CSS):
Other work:
The OthersThe Others - Our InfoShare Academy group project The OthersThe Others - Our InfoShare Academy group project in React (in progress) Progress TrackerProgress Tracker (a Firefox extension to track progress of courses we are working through) [Currently unavailable; a new version coming soon!]


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